Are people with six packs actually strong?

Like so many other depends

We all know that everyone technically has a six pack, it just doesn't show for most people because their body fat is covering it up. Having a six pack is simply a matter of low body fat and not, as one of these other answers is contending, a matter of doing enough sit ups and deadlifts. Doing lots of heavy deadlifts CAN make your six pack show up maybe 1% higher bodyfat than usual, but it's not going to make anywhere close to the difference that a proper diet will.

This is Justin Bieber. Does he look strong to you?

How to train to run a 7 minute mile by next year if I can hardly run 3/4 of a mile

Nice answers so far, and let me just emphasize that usually the best thing to do to get better at running is to run more. Naturally, you do speed work, but also add in a weekly or 2x week long slow run to build up your muscles and

What do you wish people knew about being psychotic?

There's nothing romantic or cool about it. I've heard people say they aim to go psychotic or something. I have never been in that state, but have had several family members in those states.It's scary.It's disorienting.It's heart-breaking.And it's so difficult to do damage control. I wasn't successful in all circumstances.

Will General Motors or Ford buy Tesla?

Unless Tesla's stock price goes throught the floor, they cannot afford it. Telsa has a higher market cap than Ford, and passed GM briefly on August 2, 2018.GM already produces electric vehicles and Ford will join them soon.It is much cheaper easier to spend $10 billion developing and enhancing their own product lines than to try and purchase Tesla