Are pre-workout supplements worth it?

Well if u have lots of bucks to throw away, u may purchase one.

We'll most pre workouts contain caffeine, as read on the nutritional information. I would just suggest rather drinking black coffee (without milk & sugar of course) 30mins before your workout.

I use this regularly & get great energy & pump during the workout. We'll it just costs about ₹1.20 per day. That's pretty worth it.

Also I would suggest a good oat meal 1.5–2.5 hrs prior workout. That's also pretty cheap & worth the price.

We'll from a student's point of view, these are much better than expensive supplements.

& Yeah black coffee is good for the heart.

Also coffee will get you some crazy vascularity & ensure a good blood flow to all working muscle.

Always think smart & use the basic ingredients of such expensive supplements. You will get a much cheaper & better quality products & better results ofcourse.

All the best.

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