Are primary school teachers important for the society?

I've read this answer and I'm writing a reply. I have Primary teachers to thank for both of those skills.

Teaching kids to read and write sounds like an incredibly easy job that anyone can do but it's much harder to do than you might think. Just passing the knowledge on effectively and teaching English is hard, controlling 25+ young children while you do it is harder still.

Being a primary school teacher is a tough job on its own, the fact that they have to do it with people thinking they're just glorified babysitters who spend their days fingerpainting and enjoying long holidays only makes it harder.
Yes of course. Look they say a person's personality is basically formed by age 7. So by the time you enter middle school you are for most part person you will always be. I don't mean if ur lazy at 13 you'll always be lazy and/or unsuccessful in life. I mean that if your shy introverted you probably will always be. Teaching younger grades pre-K to 2 grade ur teaching them life and how to be a person i.e. etiquette etc. not just academics. Also teach them about life being fair, having integrity etc.
I volunteer in a school at the K level (the school goes from K-12). I only recently began to do this and in the times for which I have been in the classroom there is a sense on my part of how hard their job really is to do. The children I am with are still at the age where they think that school is no different than being at home all day. In this sense it is all fun and games from the time that they arrive in the morning to the time they leave in the afternoon. Changing this idea to that of, in school you are here to learn how to read and write and beyond this, is the first order of business. For these children this is the first and last order of business to be performed by the teacher. This takes patience from day one to the end of the school year; I am afraid. The class I am working with is some where in the middle at present. The teacher I am working under is making headway,but, it takes time, for sure.
       In this simple idea there is the idea of what would society be like with out schooling at this level, for children? I am afraid to think of all the possibilities that would come from it. As already told above reading and writing are to of the basics taught in school ,at this level. I do not want to think of a society where people would not have these basic skills in themselves. for this alone would cause so much damages to the fabric of society that the whole of this society would likely collapse. From this would be the expansion of this problem to others within the boundries of this world that we call home. Crime, disease,unemployment,living conditions, are just a few more of the effects that are sure to be found in this society, if elementary school teachers were not so. The whole social structure of this world would eventually be threatened by the lacking of this idea of no elementary school education.
Absolutely crucial, especially in our society in the US, you education at the primary level sets you up for the rest of your life. Disregarding the educational foundation, the social skills that are gained at the primary level are critical.
These teachers are the basic of our education system,they teach us how to behave and how to be good in subjects.Good primary teachers lead to good students in O level and Advance education up to university.
Can you imagine what society would be like without competent primary-grades education?  The instruction, ultimately, is only as good as the instructor.
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