Are pull ups, dips and push ups enough for building an upper body?

Hi Hrithik Saha thank you for your question. These exercises are a great way of building an Upper Body but remember, there are other areas besides your Upper Back, Chest and Frontal Deltoids...

Picture this, you're a young man, you're doing the exercises you list above alongside your Squats and others that engage the lower extremities. Someone asks you to Deadlift 200lbs. This is no bother to you and you go ahead and rep out a couple. You complain after of your Lower Back giving you pain. No biggy, happens everytime right? Now someone asks you to perform a Single Legged Cable Push exercise. You assume the position and begin. You struggle to keep your balance during a few reps of the exercise.

Why do you think you can Deadlift a heavy 200lbs but are not able to do 5 reps on an exercise such as the Single Legged Cable Push without losing your balance? Simple answer, Stabilization.

Stability will always limit performance. The health of the working joints is of greater importance than your desire to move an object/bodyweight. The first part of your Stabilization Rehabilitation is the Vestibular System. Governed by the Eighth Cranial Nerve (Auditory Nerve), this System has hard wires running to the Upper Cervical Spine, the Eyes and Ears. In simpler terms, it allows you to know what to do with your legs when a Surface beneath you moves (Lift, Surfboard, Balance Beams). The entire Vestibular apparatus is woven into the entire Nervous System and is essential for life.

Test it out: Grab yourself a Balance Ball. To start of with, try to tighten the core and balance yourself without much movement. A good and fun way you can make it is ‘You move, you get shot'. Once you feel you can go for as long as 30–60 seconds, advance to a squat position, engage the core and try to hold that for 30 seconds max.

Functional Exercises to build a Strong Upper body;

  • Wood Chop/Reverse Wood Chop
  • Squat-Bicep Curl- Shoulder Press
  • Sledge Hammer Hits
  • Weight Plate Balance (works the stabilizers on opposite side)

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