Are pull ups more strenuous or lifting weights more strenuous?

A pull up is a compound exercise u cannot simulate with machine or weights..not simply. Review the required muscles and core strength plus swing control. Don't flick or kick legs - that's using momentum to overcome gravity, it's cheating. Do them slowly. Calisthenics.

Strenuous is a matter of ability/ strength in the areas required to achieve that motion/ movement. When u get to a point it is too easy to achieve 30+ reps, depending on ur motivation or regime ask yourself...why do I want to do more.

U can increase weight in both areas.

What is the best design for workout gloves? Are they a good fit?

If you are planing to do strength training and lifting any kind of weights, always remember to use good quality gloves. The gloves should have good padding to protect your palm from any damages and calluses, a good grip for the perfect workout - look for a

Should I do pull ups on the same day as deadlifts?

There are pros and cons to this approach.ProsBoth movements are pull movements, and require a number of the same muscle groups to work togetherAs a result, if you do pull ups before your deadlifts, you can activate your lats and have them firing and warmed up in time

What is the most efficient way to get ripped?

So you want to get ripped, eh?Great, lets do it.The first step to get ripped (or literally) with any goal is to GET SUPER SPECIFIC.You need to know at what body fat percentage one gets ripped.Take a guess: 5% ? 7% ?Well, I like to think the definition