Are pull ups or chin ups better for back strength?

They are both great but only if you are doing them right. One good rep is better than loads of rubbish half reps. It is a lot easier to do chin ups without getting much back activation by just using your arms. Watch a video on good form, fitnessfaq and calesthenicsmovement on youtube both would have good videos on it. Just practice, don't expect to get it in the first try or even the first month.

Do 1000 reps of both (over time) and see which one works better for you.

Is keto just another Atkins diet?

Arguably every low carb plan since 1972 has been a variation of Atkins that has been dumbed down. Atkins started the low carb trend in the modern era and ever since all have used a few of its aspects and made them more simple.It

How to get my ex-girlfriend back even though we broke up 4 years back

How to Win Her Back: 10 Effective TipsContrary to what popular rom coms have you believe, it's going to take more than blasting music from a boombox or organizing a flash mob to sweep her off her feet once again. When you've spent some time apart, you really have to show her