Are push-ups a good exercise?

"The Perfect Push Ups Are Killer 'Man Boobs' Exercises"

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Man boobs or the medical term gynecomastia affects more than thirty percent of the male population worldwide. Suffers of gyno are often times searching for a miracle cure or some form of man boobs exercises that will transform their fatty chests into rock hard pectoral muscles. While it is possible to make this transformation results take time and hard work. A person suffering from gyno may feel as though their condition appeared overnight and will disappear in a nights time also. Unless expensive sometimes painful corrective surgical measures are taken getting rid of man boobs will take hard word and dedication to diet and exercise.

You must also know the correct exercises to perform that will help your progress, while you may think any type of chest exercise would good some exercises may be counter productive to losing man boobs. Take for instance the decline barbell bench press this movement targets the lower chest, but you are trying to lose your chest not increase its size even if it is muscle. To get your man boobs smaller exercises that focus on the upper chest should be your main man boobs exercises. Being able to add mass to the upper chest can gives the nice barrel chest most men a looking for. Men who are in the second phase of there lives should also concentrate more on upper chest. Gravity can cause a sagging man boob and if they stick to upper chest exercises there should not be as much to sag.

Push ups and push up variations are a very good exercise to help get rid of man boobs. Not only are push ups a good chest exercise they are a compound exercise which gives more than just the chest a good workout. They also use a persons bodyweight in the movement which helps in controlling the body's weight The standard push up should be done lying on the floor with hands at shoulder width, the most common problem in push up form is rounding of the back, so make sure to keep your body perfectly aligned as if you standing up. Performing a push up against a wall can help in perfecting form. More advanced push ups can be added in to a workout after standard push up is mastered. If you are not able to do a standard push try them on your knees at first. Within a few weeks your strength will have increased enough to be able to perform standard push ups.

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