Are push-ups and pull-ups good for bodybuilding at the age of 17?

There is nothing to do with age until you are 13+ . You are safe to train for years . Yes Pushups , Pull ups are some of the best upperbody compound movements . Try to include lower body movements too such as Glute Bridges , Squats , Lunges etc . If you want to learn about athletic bodybuilding and look like an athlete , follow Athleanx on YouTube . The guy gives solid info :)

EDIT : Almost forgot include movements like Plank , Bodysaw , Hollow body hold etc for a strong core . Happy Gains,mate.

My mom wants to divorce my father to 'find herself'. Is that a valid reason?

Does she really need a valid reason?People don't get divorces because things are going really well. Cut your mom some slack and respect her judgment as a mature adult to make a decision. Trust me, you want to know as little as possible about her reason. People may give you a

If a 12 year old got 110 on an adult IQ test would that translate to an IQ of 147?

No, unequivocally, no.For two primary reasons ( and other more minor reasons):You cannot give a 12 year old an "adult" test because you have no standardized administration and you have no comparative data for that age group. However, there is something called a "mental age," that is sometimes used with persons with

What's the future of PHP? Will it remain relevant?

thanks for the a2a Ankit Jaiswalwell I dunno why, others are simply putting forward things like it is good and bright... listen up..1. it's cheap to host and setup2. it's widely supported3. it's easy to write and learn4. 80% websites on world wide web use it