Are push-ups and pull-ups useful for women?

Yes, pushups are definitely useful for women. Strength training is strength training, irrespective of the gender.

Pushups will strengthen your forearms, biceps and those hard-to-tone triceps on the back of the arms. The pectoral, or chest, muscles are also strengthened for a more firm breast area. You can adjust the position of your hands on the floor to focus more energy on your chest or shoulders. i.e by spreading the arms more wider than the shoulder width.

Also, by doing pushups, you will experience core strengthening, which stabilizes the core for better posture and balance.

Pushups work your abdominal muscles without twisting or moving the spine. Your spine remains stable throughout the exercise so that strengthening is focused on the arms, chest, upper back and core.

My husband took our teenager and his friends to D&B for some fun. They ate lunch and the bill comes and they tipped $2. Should they have known to tip more or is it natural at that age to not know yet?

Teens of middle class and lower incomes often do not know if you cannot afford the tip, you cannot afford the meal. Servers know this, and don't expect much from teens, its just part of the business. By the time teens are college age,

How to get the lower belly fat down? I've managed to slim down a lot with cardio, weights, ab exercises, and core sculpting. I eat healthy too. How can I finally get rid of stubborn lower belly fat

Spot reduction is not a thing. What I mean by that is doing crunches will not target the fat in your stomach. We aren't able to choose where the fat is stored so we can't choose where it comes off. Continue to exercising and eating healthy. By all means continue with the core exercises they will work the

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You're (probably) not going to be able to effectively double your strength in a two week period. If that was the attempted solution, I'd recommend a strength training regimen with heavy weights.What you may be able to do is train your body for those specific movements through elasticity and muscle memory.I would do a few sets of all