Are push-ups bad for height, especially for teenagers?

It really blows my mind how many workout myths just seem to just appear these days.

To answer your question, no it's not.

Stunted growth from lifting weights is a myth. I'll link a few scientific studies down below if you want to look into it a bit more.

Weight training in youth-growth, maturation, and safety: an evidence-based review.

How do top students play and study?

This was my routine for the last 1.5 years:1) Wake up at noon2) Play Video Games till one hour before class 3) Go to University 3-4 times per week for 5 hours per day4) Come home and play more video games5) Get A's and B's in all my classes6) Profit and Enjoy playing video games

Should the USA withdraw its troops from Europe?

There really aren't that many to withdraw anymore . . . (if I miss something, I would be pleased to be corrected.)The only regular ground contingents assigned to NATO in Europe are, last I checked, a weak cavalry regiment in Germany and a small airborne brigade in Italy. That's enough to maintain a

Should I go for a limb lengthening operation to increase my height? How risky is it, and what are the chances that such a surgery would succeed/fail? What could the complications be?

Hell No!In medical school when I first learnt of Ilizarov's limb lengthening surgery, I was fascinated but was equally shocked by the apparatus - an external fixator - that was used for this procedure which looked something like this: