Are push ups hard to do?

Push-ups are great for building muscle strength and endurance. They particularly target the

  • chest,
  • shoulders,
  • triceps
  • core muscles

You can do regular push-ups but sometimes they can cause a certain amount of discomfort.

That's why most people prefer pushup bars instead.

While doing pushups keep in mind the following:

  • Wrist Position

Regular push-ups cause your wrist to bend back, and hyper-extend slightly, putting excess pressure through it. Keep them straight while doing pushups because they either break or make the muscles of the body. Not doing them rightly can lead to pain in the affected area as well.

  • Height

Do it from a normal height in the beginning. You won't have to do incline or decline pushups. Just go with the flow.

  • Core Stability

Keep the core intact and exhale when you pullup and inhale when you push yourself down. You can do it either way as there isnt any particular rule about it.

Here is a pushup workout chart that you should definitely try.

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