Are pushups a good pre-workout before weight lifting?

It depends on what you're doing afterwards.

Push-ups will do two things.

  1. They'll warm up your chest, shoulders, triceps and all the joints and tendons in between.
  2. They'll get your heart-rate up and get the blood flowing through your torso

So - if after a set of push-ups, the plan is to do some form of bench pressing or over-head pressing - then yes, push-ups are great to do.

But - if you're going to squat, lunge, jump and dead-lift afterwards - push-ups are probably just a waste of time.

When it comes to warming up, follow these two rules:

  1. Make sure you get your heart rate up, so your blood is flowing and your muscles are receiving fresh oxygen
  2. Make sure your warm up targets the muscles and joints you're going to use while lifting weights

These two basic rules will allow you to choose appropriate warm-up exercises for your different workout days.

Using these rules, you could do the following.

  1. Leg Day - Body weight squats, lunges, jumps
  2. Chest Day - Pushups
  3. Back Day - Pullups, Inverted Rows
  4. Shoulder Day - Pushups, Dips
  5. Arms Day - Pushups, Pullups, Dips

It's pretty straight forward.

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