Are pushups easier for smaller people?

you could argue that for shorter people it is easier to do more pushups. They technically will do less work because their bodies are moving a shorter distance because their bodies are traveling the distance of their arm length. Shorter arm = shorter distance traveled. Distance x Force = work. Shorten the distance less work will be performed.

If you watch the NFL combine, the super tall guys don't put up as many reps for bench press as the comparatively shorter players. Anthony Barr, linebacker for the Vikings is 6′5′' 265 lbs. Yet could only bench press 225 13–14 times. go to your gym and ask your average 5′9′ meathead how many times he can bench 225 and the answer will be probably 18+ times.

push ups are a body weight exercise. if you are 300lbs 5′9″ covered in fat than it will be more difficult compared to a guy who is 5% body fat 6′1″ 195 lbs ripped.. Also, if you have a larger muscular upper body and small skinny legs push ups will be easier too.

What are the best low-carb fruits to eat on a Keto diet?

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How many hours would it take to walk 11 miles?

On a flat surface, assuming no breaks or stopping, in moderate weather (i.e. not blazing hot or freezing cold), I would say about 3.5 hours.11 miles is a long way to go on foot, particularly for those people who are not accustomed to going that distance.For an average person, even if they can comfortably walk one, two

Do US Army soldiers carry pistols?

Yes, but not all soldiers carry pistols. Each unit's table of organization and equipment authorizes the kind of personal arm for each position. The standard issue firearm for most U.S. soldiers, is, with few exceptions, a rifle. Ultimately, every soldier has to be able to competently engage the enemy at relatively long ranges