Are robot teachers going to increase classroom?

Did you mean are robot teachers going to increase classroom interaction, or performance? If that's what you mean, then my answer is no. Reasons :2.hunans are interactive in nature, means their life, welfare and growth largely depend on the two way interactions among fellow humans. Robots, I believe should be classified as a species different from the Homo sapient. That means one cannot expect reasonable learning to occur between two species. One or both may overland, underlearn, or never learn at all. 2. Learning is so dynamic a set of preprogrammed conditions cannot be sufficient. In schools we teach only 25%,the rest is given for exploration; THE EUREKA Principle, you know. Even robots themselves are a product of Eureka principle. In my country we don't yet have many robots. But just to ask can a robot used to serve at food places intuitively scream when one is choking on food, or help a dish from toppling off the table? I use this example to illustrate that robots are, I believe, designed to specialise on tasks. 3.hiw much energy and power does a robot require? I believe enormous, which collectively will add to waste energy output into the environment. I believe the classrooms will be hotter which will require more air-conditioning which will require blah, blah, blah. I am just thinking.

Not soon.

Students need human contact to develop the emotional intelligence that is increasingly valued in our workforce

Teachers will begin to take on more of a facilitator role as technology becomes more adept at dispensing information.

Technology is not great as designing well-crafted and individualized learning plans yet, but even when it is, you will probably still need a teacher in the room to motivate, inspire, communicate with families, crowd control, etc.

UFO & Alien Contact: Could it be the case that we are the first sentient life forms in the universe to evolve to this level of intelligence?

It is possible, indeed, that we are the most intelligent species in the cosmos, which would also neatly explain the great silence of the Fermi Paradox.(Notice that I did not use the word sentient, since I consider there to be other species on Earth alone that are sentient)The question is

Why isn't the night sky blazing with light?

Because in night, you don't have light. It means that you're on the darker side of the Earth, which is facing the opposite side of where the sun, the ultimate light source for us is!

What are the biggest misconceptions about feminism?

That feminism means man hating.That feminism means equality, in the line of smoking and hooking up.That you can't be a feminist unless you're a lesbian, a tomboy or someone from the Victorian era.That a feminist woman must be unmarried and a feminist man must never exist.Point 1.