Are shopping malls still relevant?

We all know where this question is coming from, E commerce boom!!

Malls are not only a place to do shopping but it has also emerged as community space which eCommerce can not replace. E commerce have caught the imagination of the consumer due to attractive offers, broad range of products and convince of shopping from home.

Shopping malls can counter these points by adopting Omni Channel approach. Omnichannel is a multi channel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store. So offline retail will need online presence to attract the consumers. This type of integration will give online visibility to retail shops in malls which they are lacking right now. One such tool which helps malls to create omnichannel approach is .

What kind of person drives a Porsche?

A person who loves the balance of a rear-engined, rear wheel drive sports car. But that was in the 90s. Today, you have a Porsche that covers the gamut of motoring needs, from small SUVs (Macan), premium/luxury saloon (Panamera), supreme balance (Cayman) and the raft of other hardcore GT-type Porsches that cost more than most people ever earn

What are some of the world's best restaurants?

My favorites:New York: Le Bernardin!!!! My favorite. Subtle, elegant seafood at the Michelin-star level. Perfect in every way. Eric Ripert is the angel on my shoulder.Chicago: Alinea. Grant Achatz, in some ways, is taciturn and severe. Having said that, in other ways, he is goddamn Willy Wonka. Intellectual cuisine, with a

What are some ideas for a student's egg drop project?

Your thinking is exactly right. I'm not an expert but here is my understanding. The danger is sudden acceleration (or deceleration in this case). The ideal is acceleration spread evenly over a long time. Figure out the maximum acceleration an egg can survive