Are sit-ups the best exercise to prevent back pain?

No. For many people, situps CAUSE back pain because people don't do them properly. They lower themselves the final few inches to the ground by arching their back....Trouble.

The "crunch" is supposed to eliminate this tendency, since the back stays pretty much flat on the ground.

The best (according to most authorities) low-back exercise is the simple dumbell-swing between the legs while standing.

swing dumbbell between legs

You keep your back straight, and use a light dumbbell.... You can use one or two hands. If you use one....Just toss the dumbbell from hand to hand on the upswing phase.

How to confront my boss about my job scope

I don't know any better way to put it, so I'll be blunt.You're an intern. Shut up.Instead of complaining about what you're doing, you should be happy to be where you are. A lot of people want to be interns, and never make it. You whole point in being there, and starting to understand how the professional world works

In Western married life, does the husband have to hand over his salary to his wife?

Who controls the purse strings, the wife or the husband, really depends on culture and family, and to a certain extent, the power balance between husband and wife. In Japan, the wife is called the domestic finance minister in part because the poor husband is so overworked and

What happens if one eats snake venom?

Venom is something which is harmful only when injected as it works when released in the blood stream. Snake venom is essentially a complex peptide chain.So when we continue with this line of thought nothing will happen to a person if he or she eats snake venom. It will go to your liver and even get broken down