Are the chances an alien will land on Earth the same as the chances for a human to land on a distant planet and discover aliens?

Extraterrestrials have already landed on our planet many times in the past millions of years. As a matter of fact, extraterrestrials have been living side by side with us: Genesis 6:2: "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of which they chose."

Extraterrestrials are our creators Genesis 1:27: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him." This verse clearly defines "God's" image. That the creator of man looks like a man and some extraterrestrial beings, from the Pleiades for example, have a human-like form.

Scientists' evolution theory is a massive hoax. Manipulation of consciousness. Fake news as well as the 3 major religions tale of creation. All in order to hide from us the truth of who we really are in order to control us. Our history has been influenced by a number of highly advanced extraterrestrial beings whom we have termed God. These extraterrestrial beings are able to move reality and to command the spirits of nature to bend to their will. Humans have traditionally called beings God who could do things that the human race could not do. These beings were passed down through the ancient cultures of many societies, portrayed as winged creatures and balls of light. The world is permeated with hints, clues, and artifacts of who our gods have been. However, those who wished to manipulate humans made up their own stories to create a paradigm that would control us. We were told that these beings were truly gods, and we were taught to worship, obey, and adore them.

The chances that humans would be able to land on a planet outside our solar system are 0 for the next 1000 years for the following main reasons:

  1. Humans cannot travel at the speed of light. The body would expire.
  2. Humans are locked in this solar system which is located on the edge of one of the Milkey Way galaxy's arms. One of the reasons is frequency control. Our body's atoms and molecules vibrate at a different frequency rate than the frequency rate of other planets. If we land on a higher vibratory rate frequency planet, our hearts would not be able to withstand the rate.
  3. We can visit other planets only in our present. Our present may be the past or the future as far as inhabitants of a given planet are concerned. Our physical senses will only operate in their and our present. "Effective" space travel, creative space travel on our part, will not occur until we learn that our space-time system is one focus. Otherwise, we will seem to visit one dead world after another, blind to civilizations that may exist on any of them.
  4. Armadas of cloaked Mother-ships, spaceships roaming Earth's space right now, observing and monitoring our planet. Earth is a "happening" place right now, a hot spot. We have entered the nuclear age and we're at the end of a major cycle in our development. Some ET beings beam themselves to Earth in disguise as humans, or they incarnate, picking an opportunity to get a ticket into this reality to be here for the event. Some are here to observe, to participate, and to understand so that they can take the information back to their own systems. There are intelligent ET beings who are able to manifest as humans and play the role out to perfection. Many extraterrestrials know how to rearrange their molecular structures and come onto the planet in disguise as humans and these ETs will not allow a violent race such as ours to leave the solar system in search of potentially habitable planets.
  5. Some of our difficulties to explore other planets could be transcended if we learned to understand the miraculous multidimensionality of even our own physical structure, and allowed our consciousness some of its greater freedom. To some extent we have neurologically blinded ourselves. We accept only a certain range of neurological impulses as "reality." We have biologically prejudiced ourselves. The physical structure is innately aware of many more valid versions of reality than we allow it to be. Theoretically, a thoroughly educated space traveler in our time, landing upon a strange planet, would be able to adjust his own consciousness so that he could perceive the planet in various "sequences" of time. If we land upon a planet in a spaceship and find volcanoes, we would, perhaps, realize that other portions of that planet might show different faces. We have confidence in our ability to move through space, so we might then explore the terrain that we could not see from our original landing point. If we did not understand the change in qualities of space, we might imagine that the whole planet was a giant volcano. We do not understand as yet, however, that in a way we can move through time as we move through space - and until we understand that, we will not know the meaning of a true journey, or be able to thoroughly explore any planet - or any reality, including our own. We imagine that our own earth is mapped out, and all frontiers are known, but the linear aspects of our planet's life represent a most minute portion of its reality. The portions of the psyche reflect and create the portions of the universe from its most minute to its greatest part. We identify with one small section of our psyche, and so we name as reality only one small aspect of the universe.

Are the chances an alien will land on Earth the same as the chances for a human to land on a distant planet and discover aliens?

Your nebulous term "alien" means nothing. An alien can mean anything. We would be aliens to Mars when we "try" a manned mission there soon. And we may find evidence of past alien life or present microbial life on Mars. However, that mission may never happen in our lifetime as humans were never meant to inhabit Mars (IMO), only Earth. However, some day in the distant future we may be allowed to travel just about anywhere we like. But only as visitors not denizens.

A biological extraterrestrial will probably not visit Earth within your lifetime. One reason, among others, is that they can't. They may not know we are here as we are not projecting anything they can see either optically or by radio (EM fields). There's no reason to travel to a tiny blue marble next to a yellow dwarf on the edge of the Milky Way based on nothing at all. We don't actively present as a planet with advanced life.

Yes we do emit stuff but it's like spitting into the ocean.Its just not being seen by the "others". Yes they may be looking but they may be looking for big targets like Jupiter and Saturn. Seeing nothing promising, hence they will not plan a hazardous mission that would take several of our lifetimes to travel. Even the Ophiuchus dwellers of Barnard's Star only 6-light years away would not waste their time on us as we are not worthy as being a target for them (if they even understand outer space travel like us who have a warlike initial reason for our space travel).

Are the chances an alien will land on Earth the same as the chances for a human to land on a distant planet and discover aliens?        An Alien will need to travel several hundred million light years to arrive close to Earth. A Human will need to travel 400 million light years to arrive at a planet that may or may not have an Intelligent Alien living there.

An Alien will have thousands of planets to choose from and land on. Only one of those planets will have people living there. A human will have many planets to choose to land on. How can we humans know that Intelligent Extraterrestrials live on a certain planet?

There are more Aliens with saucers than there are Humans with starships.       An Example for us to look at:         One Human with a starship leaves the solar system behind. The Human travels towards a star 32 light years away for 80 years. The new star system is no closer. Well I mean it is still 31.999 light years away. The human will die before landing on a planet, and even if he did land on a planet there probably would not be an alien waiting on him. The same thing can be said of an alien in a saucer. In the equivalent of 80 earth years the alien has not found a planet.

Neither the human nor the alien have landed on any planet. Neither the alien nor the human found a being in empty space.         The chances are the same. Neither will find anything

I answer from my own experiences, and they are not scientific. I venture to say that Aliens are already here, in great numbers. You would not recognize one, if he spoke to you. They are heavily cloaked. They will remain this way until the Great Change occurs, which has been promised for ages. It nears. Watch 2023.

I think earth beings will find it far more difficult to land on a distant planet. IMHO, the Universe is largely populated with God's creatures. Many of them may not look like humans. Humans will have to get used to that.

Suggest you research the UFO abductee case from Italy, Pier Fortunato Zanfretta, which occurred in the late Seventies. Most extraordinary. The Aliens who took him were not humanoid. Do the research. Watch the YouTube video of his abduction as related under medical hypnosis. True case. You may not believe. There are many things in the Universe which are beyond belief.

God is watching.

Read George Adamsi's books. The first, Flying Saucers Have Landed he co-wrote with Desmond Leslie, then Inside the Spaceships.
Read Giorgio Dibitonto's book Angels in Starships.
Read Orfeo Angelucci's book The Secret of the Saucers.
These three validated contactees, two from the 1950s and one from the 80s give compelling evidence of their contact with our space visitors.
Our visitors will remain incognito until we stop thinking of them as aliens, a word that promotes fear and uncertainty.
Our authorities know the truth but have for 7 decades misinformed and deceived the worlds public for their own gains.
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Canadian ex Minister for Defence Paul Hellyer, Roswell investigator Stanton Friedman, Colonel Charles Halt and Lt Colonel Philip J Corso are just a few who have attempted to tell the truth to the public.
Do some research of your own, don't just listen to the loudest voices.

No these are two independent variables and have almost nothing to do with one another, therefore the chances, however remote, are not the same.

The chances of aliens landing on earth are determined by the number of space fairing alien technological civilizations and how far apart we are in time and space.

The chances of us going to another planet to find any kind of animal like an alien version of bacteria, fish, or insects is much higher than the chances of finding space faring extraterrestrials, but even simple animals would be considered "aliens."

I don't know which is higher or lower, but they are not the same.

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