Are the characters in Naruto human?

Yes the characters in Naruto are human. First of all why aren't the villagers ninjas or you could say shinobi like Naruto and Itachi and the others. Second in the first Naruto season you find out how they use their chakras when Kakkashi tells naruot and the others that Zabuza might be alive Naruto and the others were finds out learning how to climb a tree without using thier hands. Third to use chakra must be born with the ability to use chakra. Third they use some of their spirtual energy and a little bit of their own life force that's how Naruto is able to use shadow clones or the rasegan.

Yes they are humans (except few). But there are two kinds :

  1. One who posses Chakra and can perform various types of jutsus. They are called shinobi. They involve in warfare etc.
  2. One who dont posses chakra. They are shown as common civilians and citizens, travellers etc. They cannot perform jutsus.

Chakra was distributed among human biengs by Sage of Six Paths (Who himself inherited from his mother kaguya who herself was an alien).

Do psychopaths care about God?

Athena Walker's answer to Can psychopaths/sociopaths be religious?This answer will address psychopaths only. The reason being is sociopaths have a different brain construction and speaking for them without being one would be hubris.Can we be? Sure. For the reason that we believe? Exceptionally

How often do you feel the need to be alone?

I want to be alone, pretty much every weekend. Atleast one day.Five days a week, I'm at work for about 10–12 hours everyday. My day involves lot of work discussions with my manager and other colleagues, and various meetings. By the end of the week, all these interactions leaves me feeling as

How do psychopaths feel about their children?

For a psychopath their child is probably the most important thing to them. And they love the child more than anything. However it is possible that the psychopath may see the child as an extension of him/herself but still they will care very much for the child's safety and wellbeing. Normal non criminal psychopaths are generally like