Are the majority of women attracted to nice guys?

I can tell you from personal experience that what women say they want and what they actually want are to different things. Every women you will ever meet will tell you they want a "nice guy" but in reality they want just the opposite. As a younger man I was perceived as a "nice" guy and I would watch as girls dated guys who were complete and utter jerks and I would be forced to use the old KY.

The reason is that an attractive women will be literally BOMBARDED with guys hitting on them on a daily basis. Most of the guys will put the women on a pedestal and think that being nice or doing nice things for them will spark her interest but it is the opposite. With that in mind an attractive woman will look for someone who is different, edgy, confident and simply different than the majority of guys hitting on her.

Now that does NOT mean that a guy who is a misogynist sexist jerk will get lots of women. Far from it but it in my opinion it is a delicate balance of being confident, secure and comfortable.
What are good 4 hours a week workout to build muscles?

Any linear progression program like you are doing will be successful.It seems like you just need to lift heavier.  You could increase reps to 5x5, or just fit in one more workout a week.It seems like greyskull is meant to be a base

How to get abs without equipment

As we know, everybody born with abs. It just the carb stored in form of fat over your abs.You can have abs without using any GYM equipments instead the best abs exercises are without the help of any equipment likeDifferent types of crunches.Plank or side plank.In order to make your abs

What are the common misconceptions about arranged marriage?

8 misconceptions people have about arranged marriages1. That your parents want to get rid of you2. And thus, you are forced into it3. That the person you're marrying is extremely unattractive4. Or that the person you're marrying is an old rich guy5.