Are the new Volkswagen I.D. electric cars worth getting over a Tesla?

VW has issued purchase supply contracts to multiple existing battery manufacturers... They have no plans on producing batteries themselves and are trusting that the suppliers will be able to produce the volume they anticipate needing and presumably they some how hope to be competitive by buying the batteries other than making them - themselves.

VW doubles its electric vehicle battery contracts to $48 billion

Ahem.... So with no investment what so ever they figure their suppliers will invest heavily to ramp up production and at the same time some how magically their cost structure for doing so will be comparative to making these batteries themselves. You know what business strategies like this are called? Dreaming in technicolour.. if you get the supply you will be paying the price for those batteries including a heathy profit for making the investment and taking the business risk to produce batteries to order. So by my view with this you can have the supply if you justify your seriousness but you can not have it at a reduced price of production.

There is no possible way for such a business strategy to be able to compete with Tesla on cost.

Their production is not slated to start until 2020 and not ramp up until 2022... so again the best of good luck to them - with no rapid charging infrastructure in place ...

So the two elements required to produce the cars either do not exist or are not in their direct control. You know what that is called? Bullshit.

Wow... real honest to life bullshit....

There is no way to answer this question due to the inability to buy the car. VW is currently famous for words words words words words and a drawing.

Tesla is famous for cars cars cars cars and more cars.

I don't know what you really want from a car company, but for me - it's cars. Not words. So I don't contemplate anything from VW until they actually have the car.

As far as their plans for this car - I question where they're going to get the batteries. Tesla had to build their own battery production factory. It's massive. And Tesla is racing faster than anyone to make more batteries...for their own cars and trucks.

I don't see a battery factory in VW's future. They have words words words. But I haven't seen anything about where they're sourcing all of these bajillions of batteries from.

I give them credit for knowing how to build a car. I give them demerits for cheating and lying activities. I give them nothing for their words. And though they know how to build a car, they have no experience building or sourcing batteries. EVs have huge batteries. Show me where those are coming from?

In what year?

If you want a car in 2018, 2019, or 2020, I think Tesla is your only choice. Volkswagen is supposed to start shipping the I.D. models in 2019 or 2020, but so far, they are shipping more words than electric cars, so I would bet on 2020 or 2021. Personally, I wouldn't jump into their first production either, so that introduces another year of delay.

Do you like to take long trips in your new car? Again, your only real choice is Tesla. Volkswagen is talking about a nationwide charging network, but so far, only Tesla has delivered it.

I think this question is better asked in 3–4 years, when it's finally clear exactly what Volkswagen (and the other manufacturers) have actually delivered.

In the meantime, buy a Tesla.

You mean all the ones that say "Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale. Specifications may change"? Not even worth talking about until they get to a point where they are willing to commit to specs, price, and delivery date.

If they work as well as the EV charging stations they are building as part of the Electrify America plan as part of the Dieselgate settlement, then they won't be worth using at all. The people I know using them have reported many of the stations aren't working properly, and that's after they've just been built - what will happen when they have been built but no money allocated to fix them?

First question:

Where are you going to charge them on a road trip?

The parking lot of a La Quinta for 8+ hours is not a fun place.

Second question:

Are you only going to use the car as a city/errand/short trip car?

Then the Volkswagens may be OK.

If you have a choice, would you get a world renowned car that's proven itself and has the support of a supercharger network for long distance travel, or would you get something new and untested backed by a questionable commitment of VW to EVs with no way to travel long distances in a reasonable amount of time?

The choice in EVs is fairly simple until another company proves it can compete with Tesla.

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