Are the number of marriage divorces happening in India going to increase in the near future?

Yes it would. I am not considering the population fluctuations or rate of bachelors/spinsters against married couple. These numbers will have a huge impact on the divorce numbers too. Lets assume these factors are not varying and only other socio economic factors are. Even in this case divorce rates will still increase.

The reason is, as more and more people get educated, empowered and financially independent they become more intolerant too. Women will not put up with men who do not treat them right, and will not shun away from a divorce. Men, will always have the reasons they have had for divorces since the dawn of civilization.

Once more factor is the exposure. With education people mingle more with the opposite sex at their workplace and other social circles. For somebody who is having trouble in their marriage, the chances are more to meet a better person whome they are more compatible. Which added with the above mentioned factors will boost the possibility for divorce.

It is a sad fact, but in our race to become a 'developed' nation, most of us forget the the things which holds us together. Sometimes the supposedly positive factors like freedom of choice, empowerment, financial stability means losing the fundamental values of life.
What is something that gets better once you get older?

My top 5.Not that I'm getting older.Just better.Marriage. When younger we had all the pressures of building careers, raising kids, making ends meet financially. Now we have a lot more time for us. And a lot less distractions. Oh, and at night, we don't need to worry about if the kids are awake.

Is it normal for a 14-year-old girl to be 180 lbs and 5'5?

Even for an American, realistically, No.However, there are outliers to this situation. Let's say she started body building about 10 years ago. Probably would need to have started using steroids a few years back, too. That, combined with just the right body type, she could have a considerable

Does talking to smart people make you smarter?

There is no universal definition of intelligence. Performance on different intelligence tests can improve with practice. The ability to seem "conversationally intelligent" is another test of intelligence and it too can improve with practice. Talking to smart people can definitely help you improve in this respect.Being with smart people forces you to simply think