Are there any Caribbean countries worth visiting?

There are a lot! I would recommend definitely recommend the Dominican Republic.

I think it is also worth visiting Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Cuba. They're so alike and so different at the same time that you shouldn't miss any of them. I would also recommend to visit some of the Lesser Antilles in a cruise ship.

Why it is worth visiting the Dominican Republic?

  • First of all, it is the most visited country in the Caribbean and the 4th in Latin America, see here: The Most Visited Countries In The Americas.
  • Although Christopher Columbus arrived in the Bahamas, his first settlement was established in what is today Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. So you can imagine it has a lot of ruins and buildings from those times:

First Cathedral of the New World (it works today):

If you enjoy vacations or spending time on the beach, the Caribbean is definitely a great place to check out. Some of my favorite islands include Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. As an avid explorer and professional working with international cruise lines, I highly recommend taking a cruise and exploring all the Caribbean has to offer!

Take the Royal Caribbean Cruise...sail on their " The Adventurer Of the Seas " cruise line which takes you on a week long trip around the Caribbean Islands. Its great fun.
Its worth visiting.
How do I know ??
My son Adithya Kota is a Sound Engineer on board that ship.
By the way say Hi to him if you are on that cruise !!

Which countries have declared the lion as their national animal?

It's actually surprising the number of countries who have the lion as their national animal, such as Belgium and Netherlands, Norway, Great Britain, Macedonia, India, and so forth. It's also a bit complicated because some of the countries have the lion as their national predator (India)

Why do people choose to live in Northern Ireland?

Because the people of Northern Ireland are friendly, they are relaxed, laid back and happy, most of Northern Ireland is beautiful, you don't have to go far to be saying,

Have you ever seen someone take candy from a baby?

Well sort of. I was walking my dog down the sidewalk and as we passed a couple on the sidewalk in front of a Kilwin's Ice Cream store with their toddler. Just as we were passing the toddler held out his double dip ice cream cone towards my dog and she swallowed it in one gulp. I was shocked