Are there any Palestinians who look white?

Yes, one of my closest friends is Palestinian and he looks Scandinavian, people oftenly talk to him in english thinking he is a foreigner. I do not want to post his photo without his consent.

Also this brave little girl who is asking the "Israeli" soldiers where have they taken her brother.

Most look like Mediterranean Europeans:


Rim Banna

Toni Qattan's Official Website | الموقع الرسمي للفنان طوني قطان If he said he was Italian you wouldn't know.

The Arabs/Muslims are ‘black' and the Jews are ‘white'.

This is how the Left is racist and supports ‘black' over ‘white'.

The ‘black' can do no wrong and the ‘white' can do no right.

This is how Obama got away with being the worst president ever without critisism or ridicule.

What is the most haunted place near where you live?

I live near York, in the North of England. So as far as haunting go you can take your pick.

Should I reconsider moving from Denmark to Vancouver?

You should definitely consider it. Doing it is another story. You need to have a job offer before you move. You can't just move to Canada and start working. You need to be able to legally move to and work in Canada. I don't know