Are there any advantages to living a sedentary lifestyle?

If you are a normal person without any medical issues then leading a sedentary lifestyle will not be an advantage over an active lifestyle. Most people who have sedentary lifestyles will find putting on weight really fast and easy mainly due to the high calories consumed in foods and drinks like alcohol and supermarket juices and enegy drinks. 99 % of people totally underestimate calories consumed because they don't count drinks.

A sedentary lifestyle will not improve cardiovascular strength which will be a plus in later life, does not build muscle which reduces by 1% every year after age 35 so in reality if you are getting bigger as you age it's going to be all fat.

Can I get a flat belly faster just by doing a cycling machine exercise?

An exercise bike, sometimes called a stationary or recumbent bike, is a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to simulate the effects of bicycling in a small, interior space. Like bicycling itself, riding an exercise bike is an aerobic exercise, without the worry over weather conditions. When you get regular aerobic exercise, you can lose fat

Are cold showers a normal punishment, or cold baths with ice in them? I'm trying to figure out what things I grew up with were normal and what weren't.

It wasn't a normal form of punishment for me or for my friends growing up. It isn't normal for my kids either. When I was growing up, I was a good kid. Hated even the idea of getting into trouble. I had tv

How to prepare for HR (Personal) interview

By reading your question I assume that you are attending the first ever interview in your life..  Best advice is "you do not prepare yourself for any interview" Just read your resume two three times and then you ask questions on your resume and answer yourself...1. Tell me