Are there any celebrities who are not characterless, and can be role models for Indian youth, who are some people who never had any extramarital affairs, or illegitimate premarital relationships unlike most Bollywood celebrities?

Define ‘character'. What makes you think the Bollywood celebrities characterless?

Is it because some of them are accused of intimate partner violence?

Is it because some of them are convicted of accessory to terrorism?

Is it because some of them are guilty of sexual assault?

Is it because some of them have suggested that people who criticize using a civilian as a human shield by members of institutions controlled by the government, should be treated as human shields as well?


Is it because some of them date/have romantic interests?

Is it because some of them drink/smoke?

Is it because some of them are in live in relationships?

Is it because they do kissing scenes etc, as part of their job?

If the answer is yes, then I am not sure OP can be considered a good judge of character.

What habits may potentially contribute to a healthy and long life other than exercise?

Spend time in nature and outdoorsSleep well with 7 to 8 hours per nightDrink green tea with lemon on a empty stomachHave fruits as your first meal when breaking a fast or beginning your day (Will get digested quicker with fiber and

What's the most frustrating thing you've encountered as a teacher?

My biggest frustration is that I could be the greatest teacher in the world and a certain percentage of my efforts will always go to waste due to elements outside my own control.As a classroom teacher, it is a rare opportunity that I get to observe outside my own domain and