Are there any cities in Florida that are safe from rising sea levels?

Here's a neat map where you can plug in sea level rise #s to see how it affects Florida. It has disclaimers that the map is not a carefully surveyed and extremely accurate, but if you read the directions the box in the upper left hand side of the map enables you to enter the amount of sea level rise you want to consider. I think it shows 7 meters as the future rise when you open the site, that's not a prediction, it's just a number to plug in. It's quite interesting. Global Warming Sea Level Rise Map - for Florida

There's also one for global sea level rise: Global Sea Level Rise Map

According to climatologists, sea level is currently rising at a rate of about 3.2 millimeters per year. At that rate it would take about 300 years to rise one meter.

In other words, Florida is not going to flood in your, or your immediate descendants' lifetimes.

The Highland ridge in central Florida has stayed dry for over 3 million years. Miami has been underwater at least six times in that time period. A few times over 25′ underwater.

The southern most part of that ridge is Lake Placid. Other towns are Sebring Avon Park, Frost Proof, Lake Wales, Haines City...etc and of course Highlands. But don't worry about the sea coming up more than a few inches. That will be a few thousand years away judging from current accurate non-political scienctific and geological evidence

Here is an interactive map that lets you select any location, zoom in and out, and select sea level rise from 0 to 10 feet. This then shows what will be under water. Put in a zip code or city name in the box in the upper right. Zoom in or out with the + and - buttons in the lower right. Adjust sea level with bar on left.

Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map

As you can see, even with 10 feet of sea level rise, most of Florida north of Coral Springs and Naples is safe, except on the coast. Daytona Beach starts really losing land at about 4 feet.

According to the experts, the entire State of Florida will dissapear eventually.

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