Are there any detoxes that help lose weight tremendously?

Before i answer this, i need to specify the two kinds of weights our body has-
  1. Fat weight
  2. Water weight

Water weight-
When we eat salt in excess, the excess salt produces a lot of water (the more spices we eat, the more digestive juices our body produces). So when the salt produces water, it gets stored in our body(that is why we feel bloated up after eating junk). Detoxification is done to get rid of this water weight. One can lose water weight in a week's time maximum provided they are following the diet strictly. Also it will help the body to get rid of the toxins body has which will obstuct it to lose fat. However, one cannot just live on detox diets for a long period of time as human body needs all kinds of nutrients which include IODINE too(which we get from salt).
One of the most popular and effective detox diet is the GM Diet.
Get it here :

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