Are there any genuine friendship sites?

I don't know. Depends on how you define a "genuine friendship site". In any case, I really would advise a real world meeting and making (?) of a friendship. I like texting, sure, but I'm more of an advocate for forming friendships in real life.

Other than that, there are websites and apps such as Badoo (which is a dating site as well i guess) and random chat sites, where, if you're inclined to and are lucky enough and are genuinely interested in having a conversation and a friend, you can form the same. But, as already stated by Hari Gopal Reddy, these things come with a "Beware" warning. You might find content which you may be offensive and chances are that people who usually stick around such sites are not their for forming friendships.
So I would recommend apps and sites which have to be linked to any of your social network accounts, because, quite frankly, anonymity does tend to bring out the worst in a lot of people. It shouldn't, but it does.
How many squats a day in order to see results after 1 month?

What results are you looking for?Assuming strength and muscle gain; I would say quality over quantity. If you want to see results in such a short amount of time then you're going to need to squat hard, heavy and often.There is no need to

How to divide an hour between cardio and weight lifting/toning per day

If I only have an hour and I want to do both, I would allocate 15 minutes to cardio and 45 minutes to weightlifting.15 Minutes of CardioWhat I like to do with cardio in as little as 15 minutes is by performing high-intensity interval

How to increase my weight by 2 kgs

Assuming you are not eating meat and are eating quite some vegetables I would think of the following: 1. Eat more: eating more calories than you currently do. Increasing the quantity you eat may not be easy as the size of vegetables will make you feel full pretty fast. Problem is that the calorie value is low,