Are there any good live action adaptations of anime?

I haven't watched that much live action but I will give some reviews from those I already watched.

Death Note(Trilogy) - This one is good even though the style is a bit rough .. welp xD.. The one in netflix have bad reviews. But this one is pretty good.

Bleach - I just watched it recently and I can say that it's live action is really good. The graphics are great and also the action scenes. Very Recommended.

Full Metal Alchemist - Same with Bleach, have good movie adaptation. Great graphics and cool fighting scenes.

Rurouni Kenshin - Very recommended. The best movie adaptation I watched. Excluding FMA and Bleach since they were new releases.

As the God's Will - This is not an anime but a manga. Has a very good adaptation. Though the acting is a bit cringey(for me) the graphics is great.

Attack on Titan - Have great fighting scenes. Though the graphics is not that great and Levi is not there :( .. still a recommended one.

Black Butler - Hmmm.. This one, I'm kinda conflicted. Because the fight scenes are good also the graphics but the story is kinda .... Well, I did not like the plot that much. Sebastian was portrayed beautifully but Ciel is not. In the movie, they made Ciel a girl :(. That's the only I did not like but it is very important as the Cielwe know is a guy. The story is not in the anime or manga ... so it's a bit surprising but this movie is good. Still recommended.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - I also like this one. Good graphics, great fighting scenes and very cool "Jojo". The mc is kinda clumsy though. But still recommended.

Parasyte - (Kiseijuu:The Maxim) Very good adaptation. Great graphics. Also the gores are portrayed very nicely. Very recommended.

Tokyo Ghoul - Good adaptation. Great graphics. Nice gore scenes. Very recommended.

There are many more others I haven't watch yet like ReLIFE, Your Lie in April, Ouran Highschool, and etc. I can only recommend you this.

I haven't watched the Death Note on Netflix because of it's horrible reviews and I am not interested to kill the greatness of Death Note anime by watching that movie. There's also a TV series of Boku no dake gai inai machi (ERASED) on Netflix and it was brilliant in terms of pretty much everything. It has same 12 number of episodes and all the cast is Japanese too, So, it kind of give good vibes if you relate it to anime and I'd pretty much recommend it :)

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