Are there any health benefits from getting professional massages frequently?

Massage is so wonderful for our internal and external health and is a must-have for anyone who undertakes a lot of physical activity in my personal opinion.

There's a reason massage was revered in so many ancient cultures and traditional medicines including Ayurveda, ancient Egyptian medicine and Chinese medicine.

We actually wrote a comprehensive article for a popular online magazine on the multitude of health benefits when coupled with natural organic oils of massage that are:

1. Massage has a multitude of health benefits

Massage is one of those hard to find, beautiful inconsistencies of life. Most of us would be hard pressed finding something that feels as magical as massage while being great for us too.

It's like having a guilty pleasure you don't have to hide from anyone. If you ask us, it's a keeper, like ice cream in front of a warm fire on a freezing cold winter's day minus all the sinful associated accountabilities.

Massage has a wide variety of properties that improves health, some of which include better blood circulation, improved flexibility and mobility, quicker rehabilitation of muscular injuries, reduced stress and much more. Here's a more detailed list of massage benefits in case you still need some convincing on why this would be the ultimate bachelorette party idea!

2. Massage is an ancient remedy, so it's got to be good

Massage has been used by our ancestors for centuries now.

Practiced in countries such as India, China, Greece, and Egypt (to mention a few) massage was once a necessity instead of the luxury it is in the modern world and was believed to be a pivotal precautionary measure to keeping sickness away.

Unfortunately, the concept of massage has slowly been degraded as a potential healing solution to one that many of us associate with extra money to spend. However, there is now considerable evidence that advocates massage as a therapeutic solution to many of the common day ailments we face. One that not only saves us money in the future as a precautionary means rather than a cure (in terms of diseases such as stress, etc. going untreated for too long) but best of all, one that is completely natural.

3. Massage doesn't just make you feel good, it makes you look good too

When you're good on the inside it shows, which is probably the single most important feeling any bride should be experiencing on her day.

Remember the saying, beauty is only skin deep? Though this may be true for our souls (another blog topic!), when it comes to our health, it is an entirely different matter. When we feel healthy within, it's probably going to show on the outside.

This is why we're constantly being barraged with messages of how we need to pay more attention to what we put in our body. For years now, medical research has strongly suggested a significant correlation between stress and ailments such as the cold and flu, to more serious life-threatening diseases as well.

And sickness and feeling under the weather is the last thing any bride is going to want to have to deal with on her wedding, so massage is a lifesaver, literally!

In all honesty - stress is just one more thing to stress about. Massage helps to alleviate anxiety which in turn makes us feel and look better.

So in short, absolutely - if you're able to, definitely make sure to take advantage of getting regular massages! Hope this helps :)

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