Are there any republicans who would have voted for Sanders?

My mom. She's 91 and a lifelong, tribal republican. I had argued with her and my dad (RIP) for years over politics. I eventually gave up on my dad, but my mom was arguably kinder and more circumspect. I really thought that when Bush was up for re-election-with the fake case for war with Iraq and the torture program out in the open-that she could see her way to voting for a non-republican.

Nope. In the end, she looked for the (R) after the candidate's name and filled the box.

So in 2016, I decided not to even bring up the topic.

Then I was hanging out with her one evening watching the news on TV, and Hillary came on. "Booo! Hiss!" said my mom. So I mumbled, "So does this mean you're voting for Trump?"

"No way! He's a horse's ass!"


"I like that...Bernie Sanders."

Jaw on floor. Quite a lovely moment.

Sanders V Trump, I would have voted for sanders, because he really wants to do this better. He wants to make it better in a manner that I don't really agree with (socialism) but many of his ideas, such as regulating banks, attacking unfair free trade and the like resonate well.
I voted for Trump over Hillary, because they're both selfish pricks who are in politics for the personal power of it, and, Trump was going to appoint a conservative to the supreme court. I believe bernie would have appointed an independent/moderate, or even someone who is slightly left, which is still fine.

Plus, as a sidenote, what the hell good has having a conservative supreme court done for us in the last twenty years anyways?

A friend of mine with tea party sympathies voted for Sanders in the Massachusetts primary. He was hoping to vote for him in the general election too.

I haven't asked him if he voted for Trump in the general election or if he went for Johnson/Weld for a protest vote, but I know he hates Hillary.

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