Are there bad side effects of exercise?

Do you sleep enough and well enough?

You might need a little more when you exercise. When you do hard exercise in the evening it may be difficult to fall a sleep shortly after or you do not sleep as deeply. This may happen unnoticed. Lack of sleep will make you angry. I have experienced the problem during marathon training. Doing intense exercise in the morning or Friday/ Saturday evening (if you don't have to get up early on weekends) helps.

There is also something called ‘overtraining syndrome '. This is when chronic lack of recovery causes performance, health and mental state to suffer. What actually happens in the body is still a matter of discussion and it may take months to recover. But this usually happens onl if somebody is overdoing it over and over again for a long time.

Should I keep training at the gym or go to a fighting gym directly?

Go to the gym now, why are you putting it off? If you train straight away at a fight school you will start shredding the weight and your cardio will be up.You may be doing completely irrelevant exercises at present that you will never do again.You only get better at fighting by fighting more frequently, its the

How to get ripped in 3 years

What is your starting point? 3 years is way too long unless you're currently at 40%+ body fat.In the past 5 months, I have lost 18lbs. of bodyweight while gaining 8lbs. of lean weight mass (as measured using 9 site skinfold measurements). Which is a total fat

What is the best work out plan for a 22 year old who has never worked out before?

I am going to give some useful workout tips as well as some food options to those hard gainers. Not a long time ago, I had also lost a lot of muscle due to lack of exercise accompanied by a terrible diet. I am just going to discuss how