Are there demons living among us?

I was raised to believe that demons are among us. They're mentioned in the bible, and are table stakes in movies. While I'm sure the Catholic church will say they exist, when they hear of a demonic case they always look for alternative reasons why seemingly supernatural conditions exist. I think the term is sort of general and can be a catch-all for all things unsavory and unseen. Have I seen and felt strange phenomena?

Yes, as a child I had a run-in with what I thought was a ghost, but it could very well have been my imagination that turned the doorknob to the basement after I moved into a house that belonged to my stepmother and her three boys. My dad, who had divorced years earlier, met his new wife at a Catholic singles conference, and moved my sister and I across the country to live with this new "blended" family. My dad had put all my belongings in storage save for a few weeks worth of clothes, so I had no access to any of my toys or anything.

It was the summer before sixth grade for me, and I was the only child slated to attend the local elementary school, as my other brothers were going to school in their grandparents neighborhood. Before school started that fall, some vandals broke into the nearby school I was supposed to attend and burned it so badly it couldn't open that fall, so I was forced to walk to another school further into an even worse neighborhood to attend school half-day, sharing with the native students of that school, so it was like a second-shift, which left me all alone in a dingy ranch house all morning.

I had just been stripped of all my friends in a great town in northern Virginia with plenty of access to community pools, a town center, and the culture of Washington DC, to a high-desert town in Colorado full of military brats. I had to live in the basement rec-room on a folding foam chair that acted as my bed. I had to walk by the super pungent acrid burnt husk of a school every morning after trying to occupy myself by listening to my older step-brothers Iron Maiden and Styx records. My parents were really into the Satanic scare popular in the 80's. They really tried to scare us into not listening to rock. They had a book on the art of backward masking, which supposedly revealed all of the popular rock artists of the day that used to hide demonic messages in their songs when when played backwards on a turntable. I found a lot of those records in my stepbrothers collection and ran the records backwards after everyone would leave in the morning, when the house was empty. "Satan is Goooahhd!", the Styx song "snowblind" rang out one morning. "Interesting", I thought. I was convinced I was a tough kid for playing these things, and nothing happened to me. It was my way to trying to gain some confidence in this crappy, lonely situation I found myself in.

As the days went by and I played with these records, I think I may have allowed myself to think I had maybe unleashed a demon in the house. I started hearing things one morning, but I paid no attention to it. I stopped playing the records bu the noises continued. It seemed to come from the scariest room in the house-the basement bathroom, which already smelled bad. I was afraid to shower there, as I felt like someone was always watching me. My step-brother felt the same.

One morning I was in the kitchen eating cereal, and I heard a loud ‘scraaaatch, scrattchhh' coming from the basement door, which wsa only feet away from me at the kitchen table. I thought it may have been their little black dog, but then I saw it come from a bedroom in response to the noise, it's ears perked. the little black Pomeranian growled, while I felt a chill come through the kitchen. I was frozen in space as my eyes fixed to the door. the knob started turning to the left, then to the right, slowly, and then faster, like someone was grabbing it and turning it more aggressively with each turn. The dog ran back into the bedroom. I slowly got up, back out of the room letting out a shriek, and ran out into the backyard, totally freaking out.

I hopped the fence and ran to the front of the house crept back in the front door called the step-brothers grandpa and told him that someone was in the basement, and he came over fifteen minutes later. he entered the house and came out a few minutes later. "I couldn't find a thing". I felt ashamed, like he was accusing me of lying. Not a good impression to make on my new step-family, I thought.

The door rattling happened a few more times after that, but for some reason I stopped being scared of it. I figured if a demon had been out to get me it would have by then, so I imagined a series of stupid-looking demons, like one with a limp, one that needed to shower, and started making up dumb stories that explained the demon. After that, it went along it's own merry way, and we moved out the nasty ranch-style house and into a better neighborhood.

Are there invisible life-forms among us that can move things and make themselves visible? Yes. But it could be so many things we may not understand, like a consciousness of a dead person, an alternative dimension bleeding through momentarily, a projection of our own minds, or such things as that, which have been documented worldwide over the years as paranormal.

So, now, all these years later, I think the power of our own beliefs is enough to diffuse anything that may considered a demon. No matter what Hollywood or the church says. I've seen some scary stuff since then, a lot worse than the door rattler, and a lot of things benign, but when I apply that mental trick and I'm able to overcome anything like a demon when confronted by one. I saw that applied in the Harry Potter films years later, and I was like, "That's what I do!" when one's worst fear comes out the box. I can't prove they don't exist, but I can say that it's good to not jump to conclusions if you think you may see one.

The bible tells us about the unseen realm that surrounds us .The Bible teaches the existence of an immaterial, spiritual reality, unseen by human eyes. The physical reality is evident for all to see-although some doubt the existence of a material universe, too! The Bible says that the spiritual realm consists of both good-God and the holy angels-and evil-the devil and his demons. Demons are most likely fallen angels who rebelled against God and were thrown out of heaven. The best testimonial evidence for a spiritual realm is the Bible itself. Historians, both Christian and non-Christian, agree that the historical authenticity of the Bible is strong

No. Demons are not real. Belief in demons is the source of a great many evils perpetrated on human beings.

All over the world, from the African countryside to small Indian villages to modern American cities, people who have been convinced that demons exist are tricked into hurting their loved ones or paying money to greedy religious charlatans to expel the nonexistent demons. The process of exorcism is often torture and can lead to permanent physical and psychological damage, or even death. People who are suffering a treatable mental illness don't get the treatment they need when relatives think it is "demonic possession."

Leave demons in the realm of fiction. They are the products of our imagination. Belief in them destroys lives.

There are indeed evil beings among us, both human, and alien. Are they evil by nature or by design? That is an unknown. For one to determine if demons exist, one must first define the word demon. If you mean from hell or associated with evil, that would still be an unknown. It would also be judgmental. How would one define what a demon or evil looks like. It cannot be done. There are evil acts, perpetrated by people of all kinds, but none would be considered demons. There are indeed beings that commit evil acts, but not demons. For them to exist, we must first see and judge them on a merit system established by non-demons.

To that end, I believe that demons cannot exist.

Yeah. And there' s a monster in your closet! Don' t look under your bed!! Get out of the house right now!!! AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

People are pretty damn awful without bringing any supernatural beings into the picture. The Killing Fields, the Holocaust, the slave trade: PEOPLE did those things, not vampires, not lizards from outer space. And quite a few of these people were sure they were right with God and Jesus.

‘Demons' are something variable, you need to differ between every single inhumane soul. Also to note, not all of one type are evil.

Pure demons are very rare and only exist in the farthest corners of the universe, other races associated with demonics (like reptilian and grey) often come to Earth for good of humanity.

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