Are there ghosts in the White House?

"All that glitters isnt gold".Sometimes the most craved and lavish places on the world have their own flaws.One such place is the white house.Enveloped with an aura of silence and horror,staying here has a price,sometimes of a life as well.


Dolley Madison,wife of fifth U.S president was known for her lavish rose garden she created on the white house grounds some two hundred years ago.

In the early 1900's,President Woodrow's wife decided to have the White house gardeners move the very same roses that Mrs Madison had planted.Soon after the gardeners began their work ,they saw the figure of Dolly Madison screaming and waving her arms!Shocked,the gardeners dropped the tools and ran.


Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands stayed at the white house in the 1940's.One night,she claimed she heard a knock at her door,opened it and saw Abraham Lincoln standing.His tall figure made the queen faint at the spot.

Similarly president Harry S Truman answered a knock at his door at midnight.Fortunately,unfortunately ,he too saw the honest abe.


It is said that ,at night ,a long dead usher is still turning of lights in the executive mansion and the ghost of white house doorman occasionally apperars ready to work.

Hope these true patriotic american ghosts haunt and take the life out of Mr Donald Trump and make America great again.

Obviously, I have no personal knowledge in this area, but I am writing a novel set in the White House, and so I've researched many weird White House topics (including White House bathrooms, White House closets, and, yes, White House ghosts).

During my research, I read this article on Huffpost, entitled "Ronald Reagan's White House Ghost Story," by Joan Gage.

It wouldn't be Halloween if I didn't re-post my favorite White House ghost story.

Ever since the White House was first occupied in 1800, there have been rumors of hauntings, but I got this story direct from the President. No, not President Obama. I first heard about the White House ghosts directly from the lips of Ronald Reagan.

It was March 18, 1986, and my husband Nick and I had been invited to a state dinner in honor of Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. The State Dining room was filled with gold candlesticks, gold vermeil flatware and vermeil bowls filled with red and white tulips. I had the great privilege of being seated at the President's table along with Chicago Bears' running back Walter Payton; the Canadian Prime Minister's wife Mila Mulroney; the president of the Mobil Corporation; Donna Marella Agnelli, wife of the chairman of Fiat; Burl Osborne, the editor of the Dallas Morning News, and Pat Buckley, wife of William Buckley.

The President, a brilliant storyteller, entertained the table throughout the meal and the story I remember best was about his encounters with the White House ghostly spirits. Here is how I wrote it later in an article about the dinner for the Ladies' Home Journal:

According to the President, Rex, the King Charles Cavalier spaniel who had recently replaced Lucky as First Dog, had twice barked frantically in the Lincoln Bedroom and then backed out and refused to set foot over the threshold. And another evening, while the Reagans were watching TV in their room, Rex stood up on his hind legs, pointed his nose at the ceiling and began barking at something invisible overhead. To their amazement, the dog walked around the room, barking at the ceiling.

'I started thinking about it,' the President continued, 'And I began to wonder if the dog was responding to an electric signal too high-pitched for human ears, perhaps beamed toward the White House by a foreign embassy. I asked my staff to look into it.'

The President laughed and said, 'I might as well tell you the rest. A member of our family [he meant his daughter Maureen] and her husband always stay in the Lincoln Bedroom when they visit the White House. Some time ago the husband woke up and saw a transparent figure standing at the bedroom window looking out. Then it turned and disappeared. His wife teased him mercilessly about it for a month. Then, when they were here recently, she woke up one morning and saw the same figure standing at the window looking out. She could see the trees right through it. Again it turned and disappeared.'

After that White House dinner, I did some research and discovered that half a dozen presidents and as many first ladies have reported ghostly happenings in the White House. It's not just the ghost of Lincoln that they see, although he tops the hit parade. He caused Winston Churchill, who was coming out of the bathroom naked but for a cigar when he encountered Lincoln, to refuse to sleep there again. And Abe so startled Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands that she fell into a dead faint when she heard a knock on the door and opened it to find Lincoln standing there...

It's well known that Abraham Lincoln and his wife held séances in the White House, attempting to contact the spirit of their son Willie, who died there and who has been seen walking the halls.

The ghost of Dolley Madison, wife of James Madison, appeared often in the Rose Garden, which she planted. There is even reportedly a Demon Cat in the White House basement that is rarely seen. When it does appear, it is foretelling a national disaster. While the Demon Cat may at first look like a harmless kitten, it grows in size and evil the closer one gets. A White House guard saw it a week before the stock market crash of 1929 and it was also reportedly seen before Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

Abigail Adams' ghost has been seen hanging laundry in the East Room -- she appeared frequently during the Taft administration and as late as 2002 and is often accompanied by the smell of laundry soap...

Calvin Coolidge's wife reported seeing Lincoln's ghost standing at a window of the Oval Office, hands clasped behind his back gazing out the window (just as Reagan's daughter saw a figure in a similar pose.) Franklin Roosevelt's valet ran screaming from the White House after seeing Lincoln's ghost. Eleanor Roosevelt, Ladybird Johnson and Gerald Ford's daughter Susan all sensed Lincoln's presence near the fireplace in the Lincoln Bedroom.

According to Robert Klara's book, "The Hidden White House: Harry Truman and the Reconstruction of America's Most Famous Residence," the Truman family had their own strange ghostly experiences.

"One night in 1946, Truman was sound asleep when he was awakened by three loud knocks on his door. The president hopped out of bed and answered the door, only to find an empty hallway," Klara wrote. He later heard what he believed to be footsteps in his daughter Margaret's empty bedroom.

"'The . . . place is haunted as sure as shootin," Truman remarked.

Personally, I find the story of a White House Demon Cat a little (okay, a lot) silly.

And I sure wouldn't want to be a ghost who is trapped hanging laundry for eternity, not even in the East Room of the White House.

But who knows?


If you mean ghosts as in the spirits of the dead, no there aren't any in the Whitehouse, or any other house for that matter.

But what you will find everywhere, and I mean everywhere'... are demons. They have extremely long lifespans and often imitate the dead. And they would also know every detail of the lives of certain people who they accompanied. When people contact the supposed spirits of the dead at seances, they are actually contacting demon spirits who were companions of the deceased.

Refer to the interview with Roger Morneau which you will find on YouTube, who was a high level occultist. He will confirm what I'm telling you here.

Anyway, I'm sure the Whitehouse probably has even more demons than your average house given its history and the rituals which have taken place therein.

Yes - Several Presidents and guests to the White House have seen and reported activity beginning after Harry Truman had the Executive Mansion renovated. The ghosts include Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, William henry Harrison, Abigail Adams, Anne Surratt, Willie Lincoln and Dolly Madison among former servants and staff members. Truman said it was haunted, the staff of William Taft knocked on doors before entering rooms and ronald Reagan said he felt Lincoln several times.

The House of Representatives and the Supreme Court Building are also said to be haunted.

Heck yeah! Because of the shear historical knowledge of deals and super deals, deception and under-handed tactics. Many times spirits linger because of unfinished business or shear unwillingness to move on. Politicians are driven and stubborn. From the slaves who built the White House to the appeal for justice transacted within it walls to the political assassination of one politician to the other. Yep there's a bunch of fierce ghosts running around "in them there hills." Sci-Fi Fantasy Fiction | Books

I am a Christian

Are there ghosts in the White House?

I believe many before Presidents and wives practiced witchcraft, held seances, and walked on the darkside by inviting demons into their beliefs. However, a ghosts is a demon. So the outcome is always evil. I believe Roosevelt and wife wers entertaining demons, and many other presidents followed suit.

There have been none written about as of late. I would love my team and I to go in and investigate the White House for our next Saving Ghosts documentary.

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