Are there mobile roaming charges in USA among different states?

Most probably no. Of course to really answer the question you would have to know what service specifically you are talking about, but, as far as I know, nearly all the services offer free, unlimited calling from anywhere to anywhere in the US. There are a small number of low cost plans that are highly restrictive, but the restrictions are not for calling between states, but may limit the amount of calls overall you can place. At this point, nearly all smartphone plans include unlimited calls within the US, unlimited texts, and a specified amount of data. There are also a few plans for old fashioned feature phones (that do you access the internet) but I don't know much about them.

High school teachers: How much time per week do you spend outside the classroom making lesson plans and grading homework?

I have a low prep job, because I mostly deal with student's who have behavioral issues. But that prep time is replaced with other duties some of which I get paid for.Overall I would say I spend 10–15 hours per week outside

I am about to start data science in the UEL. Is it worth studying there?

Hi,Learning data science is not at all easy, no matter where you joined. it is not like you are learning only one stream of you are supposed to be good at computer programming, statistics, basic math, and hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee patience, and many moreand even if you are learning from

Should teachers expect students to be role models to each other?

We too often skip over the basics and move right into the subject matter but any teacher who wants some reasonable order in the classroom and hopes for their students to grow into reasonable people should counsel students - treat others as you wish to be treated. Unreasonable behavior invites the