Are there negative side effects for using stationary bicycle for exercise?

I'd say that all the so-called "negative side effects" are more disadvantages compared to outdoor cycling. Indoor cycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, so please do not let the following dissuade you from doing it.

  1. It's boring. However, to make things more interesting and depending on your setup, you can use an online training program like Zwift, TrainerRoad, or SufferFest.
  2. Since there's no wind to cool you down, you may overheat more easily. That can be solved by riding with a fan in front of you.
  3. I personally get more saddle sores when I do indoor training than when I ride outside. I think it's because I tend not to get out of the saddle as much when I'm doing indoor training.
  4. Cycling (both indoor and outdoor) is not fully weight bearing. If you are looking for something to prevent osteoporosis, you'll need to add something else like walking to your program.
  5. Oh, I almost forgot about the fact that you do not gain any bike handling skills from indoor training. If you aren't interested in riding outdoors, it's obviously not a problem.

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Protein shakes are the best way to go when adding strength training to your life.  I recommend Sun warrior - warrior blend. I used the plain with sweetened vanilla almond milk and 3 TBS wheat gluten.  Keep in mind

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positive thinking is more a general  and mature mindset that helps an individual cope and deal with life more functionally by keeping a positive outlook; not succumbing to self-destructive behaviour. Wishful thinking is more an immature and spesific mindset that hinders growth, development by keeping the individual in

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12.It looks so much easy to pass the 200-125 exam but the truth is, it is the hardest exam to go through. It requires your dedication, hard work, and most accurate preparation material for the purpose of getting