Are there pro-gay Muslims?

You mean, like me?

I'm Muslim, and I'm very very pro gay, if that's a word. I reconcile Homosexuality with the Quran as follows

  1. The Quran has no explicit mention of punishments for sodomy. It talks about Sodom, but many scholars think that was about raping visitors, not homosexuality.
  2. Orientation is defined at birth. Since God created humans in a perfect mould, homosexuality is a part of that perfect mould. Questioning orientation is akin to questioning God.
  3. Muslims can be differentiated only by piety and good action. Using pt 1 and 2, homosexuals cannot be discriminated against.
  4. The prophet employed the Mukhannathun - Wikipedia , the effimate men. Though it is not clear whether they were homosexual, they certainly weren't heteronormative, and they were accepted in the society.

In fact, one of my favourite Quranist is gay - Irshad Manji. One of my favourite Islamic studies scholar is very pro LGBT - Amina Wadud. There are gay imams today - Dayiee Abdullah.

And this is not a recent development either, lest the "westernization" be blamed. Islamic empires have had gay caliphs(Al-Amin), gay master poets(probably Rumi and Shams, definitely Shah Hussain), and people who worked for gay rights, thus leading to the Ottoman empire decriminalizing sodomy in 1858.

So, yeah, over the generations, many muslims have been pro-gay.

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