Are vapes as bad for you as cigarettes?

Being as how I am not a cardiologist or a doctor in any regard, from personal experience I will tell you this: no

Vaping has given me a second chance in life after having smoked cigarettes from 1998–2018. During that near 20 year span, I was losing taste, smell and my lung capacity was decreasing it seemed every few months. And that was a pack and a half of cigarettes a day. And then at the beginning of the year, I turned to vaping. I quit cigarettes cold turkey after buying a Voopoo Drag Mini and a Smok Alien mod kit respectively. Got a 6mg nicotine bottle of eliquid along with several 12mgs to help curb those sensations of wanting to pick up a cigarette, and I'll tell you what; it helped immensely.

I definitely didn't want to go into a tangent of my story about my experience, but having doing so does better justify the reasoning behind your question if they're safer or not. After having vaping for 5 months since quitting the stinky sticks, I feel less winded, lethargic, sense of smell and taste have slowly increased and since I'm a welder, it has made my career more manageable giving me much more freedom of self worth.

To give someone a better shot at life, I would simply encourage someone to either stop cigarettes all together and not vape as an alternative or to quit cigarettes and use vaping as that crutch to help get over the addiction hump. Eliquid for vaping comes in 0mg nicotine as well so you can eventually just turn vaping into a hobby instead of as a means to an end for cigarettes.

What is the best way to build a stubborn chest?

Simple.Do full body training 3 times a week, with an intensity day and a volume day that you rotate. For instance, week 1 would be:Monday - IntensityWednesday - VolumeFriday - IntensityWeek 2 would be:Monday - VolumeWednesday - IntensityFriday - VolumeFor the intensity day, aim for 1 rep max or

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