Are wall push-ups as effective as ground push-ups?


They are effective depending on your goal and fitness level.

You see, if you cannot do the harder variations of one exercise you move on to an easier variation of it.

For push-ups that would be:

  • Knee push-ups.
  • Incline push-ups.
  • Wall push-ups.

All of them are pretty good at developing more strength even building some muscle to some extent.

Of course all variations can be done using negative repetitions.

It all depends on your level. And they can easily be used to move on to the harder variations that can stimulate your muscles more.

If you can already do 50 regular push-ups there is little to no use of doing wall push ups as they will be too easy for you.

So are they effective - of course they are.

But are they effective for you? - that depends on your strength level.

Happy training!


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