Are we born just to die?

Firstly,you have to admit it that we are born to die. But this thing has another philosophical view. Let's see it.

Let assume yourself as a train driver. You have to drive it from station A to station B. You"ll have to leave it when will reach your destination,your BOSS strictly said to you. This station A is you birth,B is your death,BOSS is our almighty,who has created you. Your BOSS as well as you know that anything can happen due to which you have to leave the train between those stations. This is the simple funda of our life.

But in your life,you have to smile,cry. And the way to gain those feelings,you have to find in your own way. Never blame your luck. In every cases luck factor is 30–40%,not more than that.

Some great person said, "জীবনে এসেছিস যখন কিছু দাগ রেখে যা।" ("if you are born,keep a mark of you"). And being practical,this thing is not too easy.

After spending so much time in this world,before death every person has a different view as they all see various aspects of LIFE directly like during train journey via various way gives you various side scene experiences. None of them is wrong. The view of each and every person should be respected and admit it as a part of LIFE.

Now,what happens to normal human. Our boss just sends us to the train. I may be the train driver or just a normal train passenger-that's upto my choice. If I donot drive it,it is driven in a straight way via the station named luck,coincidence etc.

Enjoy your life. Enjoy your train journey in your own way so that before leaving the train,you have no regrets and obviously thank the GOD for allowing you to have this train for you,only you.

Thank you :)

We are born just to live. Just like any other organism on this planet we only have one true intention and that is to live.

Evolution is a clear proof of that. A stream flowing down the hill encounters obstacles on various levels causing the singular stream to branch out to different directions. And it's the obstacles that decide the course of the stream and not the stream. Similarly from a single cell there came millions of diverse species that were subject to different environmental factors. And the human mind is a consequence of this evolution. Just another survival trait that has brought us forward to dominate the world.

Death is not a part of the equation of life but an aftermath of survival. Survival has never been efficient because the environment is never in favor. But above all death is unfortunate only to the human minds. If we did not have the mind then there won't be a question of death and obviously no question of life either. But we do and that's a reality for us. So the choice is ours whether to think about death or to find ways to enhance this life.

We have some doubts because we do not have enough information.

Maybe God is testing us in our short life on earth; the wealthy father has the right to test his children before distributing the wealth.

Testing missions are not supposed to be easy and comfortable.

The test questions are not supposed to be known in advance.

Our life on earth is a very short period compared to the universe time scale; It could be a temporary test period.

There are hundreds of verses and teachings about that as mentioned in the following answer:

We have been asked to believe in God and Heaven but we have not seen God or heaven.

Our fate will be determined based on that belief and on our good deeds.

Why did God make it a difficult test for us?

God does not predetermine plans for us.

God has delegated that task to us, it is up to us to be blessed or to be cursed.

The guidelines of God as taught by all prophets are:

‘Blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience'

We need to know the objectives of life.

We need to know the success factors

We need to know the measures of success

It is not enough to know the guidelines of success, it is also necessary to know the risks of failure so that we can identify the risks and avoid the failures

We should consider life as an important project; a project that we cannot afford to wait till the end to know our mistakes for it would be too late for corrections

A project that we should carry out successfully and accurately right from the start

We know that things are not improved automatically; when companies want to improve their business, they bring consultants to analyze the business and recommend the best systems, procedures and measures in order to improve business and increase profits

The success of companies depends on the efforts to use good systems, to follow good procedures and to have good measures to evaluate the productivity and the quality

Can we apply such approach to improve our life?

Here are some more answers with verses and teachings

We are born because an egg was inseminated. We die because of many possible causes, infections, accidents, old age and the shortening of our telomeres.

During life, we take in a great deal of energy; the sunlight in food and the electrical potential carried by all sensory impressions. Our bodies use those sources of energy but not all of it. A lot is just radiated back out into space. You could say that life serves the purpose of producing that excess energy but that sounds like it may be implying some consciously thought out purpose on the part of some force or entity which then decides to start life, and that is not correct. Life is as inevitable as any other feature of existence; given the right ingredients and conditions, life will form and do that energy conversion thing that we do.

Is a program coded to end?

No, that is simply the end of its process. The End Of File statement is a part of the main function, not another function. Without it, the program won't work. If we never ended, we would eventually go insane.

Life is full of loops. The more they occur, the more difficult life is to live. At the end, most people are ready to end those loops.

That can't be the case, because if we were born to die, our earliest ancestors would be miscarriages and we would be non-existent. Life would still exist, but only as single cellular organisms. It would be an alternate reality in which biodiversity is maladaptive, due to the environment being uniform and unchanging. Imagine instead of a planet tilted to a star like ours, it's a flat plane. Instead of a sun, it's another plane parallel to the previously mentioned plane. The light it gives off is only one frequency (cratch that, it probably doesn't even oscillate) and they all move perpendicular to the planes and parallel to neighboring rays. A simple configuration yields simple results.


But in the lights of philosophy and metaphysics,we have to ‘karma' before.Or we can try to break the chains of 'maya' by attaining enlightenment in order to break the cycle of rebirths into various species.

This according to Bhagwatgeeta,Shivpuran and Vishnupuran.

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