Are we doing enough to end poverty in South Africa?

Who are "we" and what do you propose "we" do?

Honestly i care about those babies and people and kids that are hungry and dying and this may sound cold but you know what about our country and the children of america and the kids that are going to bed with no dinner or sleeping in a yard or floor at a shelter or a tent what about our people .I am sorry but I feel we should take care of the united stat in my eyes frist and everywhere else is secondary in my eyes . The homeless and less then have gotten to high in the numbers and it needs to be addressed before it gets to out of hand .All I can say is it is already to out of control and no one wants to take it on .

Why do people say crying is bad for you?

Do people say this? I have literally never heard anyone say this. They might say other things, like about whether it is appropriate, but I have never heard anyone say crying is bad for you. Usually I hear people say the opposite.Having said that, people might think being sad isn't good for you,

What is the worst tourist trap in Singapore?

Bugis is certainly the worst. I came to Singapore knowing what I have signed up for - places especially planned for tourists. Still, somehow, each place I go to, there is something special there that I really enjoyed. Except for Bugis. It is a marketplace, sure. But it is not big enough. The souvenir