Are weighted pull-ups more beneficial than regular pull-ups?

It depends. I would say mostly no, because if you get really good at regular pull-ups and they are no longer a challenge for you, there are still plenty of ways to make them harder and progress without adding any weight. You can do close pull-ups, L-sit pull-ups, archer and one arm pull-ups and so on. Some calisthenics athletes prefer this approach and others like to add weight to increase resistance because it is quicker and easier and does not involve as much skill. So, I would say neither is more beneficial, it just depends on what you like better and what works better for you. You can try and do both ways, say in two different sessions a week and see what suits you the most, but you don't have to really choose either. You can just do both if you like both. Good luck.

What are clues a girl wants to go on a date?

You ask her out, and she says yes.Don't try to read the tea leaves here. Signs and clues and other portents could mean anything and are so open to interpretation that a dozen different people could look at a gesture or glance and come up with a dozen different

My neighbor called the cops on me on ridiculous things. How should I handle this?

First, be as honest with yourself as you can: was every single last call for something the cops themselves thought was ridiculous?Edward Brown's answer highlights an uncomfortable reality: if you don't fit into someplace, it's surely for some reason which makes sense, at least

Is this fake or real?

Don't buy from AskMe Bazaar. They have a reputation of selling fake products. I had once purchased a Xiaomi Power Bank from their site at a throwaway price. I was a very happy. It turned out to be fake and stopped working from the second day itself. They have a fraud