Are women scared that men are growing away from them (not caring about them and their desires)?

In the main no, the general population of women have no idea that men are walking away and why although the number of women that are realising something is going on is increasing in line with the number of men who are walking away.

Now this is clearly a reference to mgtow and so be it. Let's explore that rabbit hole.

Between 2004 and now only 15 years the numbers worldwide who identify as mgtow has increases massively the USA being the largest area but Europe and Australia following clos behind in increasing numbers of men who are starting to think that it isn't worth it for them, frankly I identify as mgtow and find it very entertaining when women ask why as though as a single man I should want to be a part of a society that clearly hates me for being male stale and pale but at the same time they can never clearly say to me what the benefits of a relationship are, these women can state what they are for them but as for men they can't say anything.

Now with the onset of nofault divorce starting in the UK soon I have the distinct impression that the numbers of mgtow for the UK will rapidly increase over the next ten years, there are many people who'll say that no fault divorce when introduced in the USA didn't affect divorce numbers which is garbage overall the numbers remained almost constant but if you look at the areas where it was introduced the numbers increased rapidly.

Then you get the argument that divorce is falling well again that's another strawman because the numbers for marriage are falling too, so one does compliment the other.

Now think about this, how many times over the last two years have you heard TV shows or news articles ask where are all the men, in Australia they have what's called thean desert, Europe is suffering a collapse in the birth rate as is the USA, sperm banks are closing all over the world as men with fragile, sarcasm, egos stop donating. Women are increasingly the ones who are proposing marriage with men the increasing number refusing.

So in the short term I don't see that women are scared but maybe in a few years time when mgtow does move into the mainstream and becomes the default and then the cretins in Hollywood decide that's something cool to attach themselves to then at that point I think women will actually start to ask themselves what's going on.

Now it's where the problems will really start because your going to have so many women extolling the virtues of being single and childless even though for most that's exactly the opposite of what they actually want. Along with that will be the attacks on men for being so fragile, it's independence when women walk away and fear when men do it, and unable to cope with strong women etc, the result will be further attacks on men which will inevitably push more to walk away.

Eventually women will stop and start to ask the real hard questions but by then it will be too late, it already is for me but for many young men it will be as well.

Will it cause women to vote for essentially mysoginy, I don't know maybe to move more towards traditional conservative gender roles, you can see this in the Nordic countries at the moment they have the largest gender gaps in the world even though they are by far the most egalitarian

Either way the next 20 years is going to define the rest of humanity.

Who is the most valuable player in the NBA?

I think it's Dwight Howard because:1. He's a force on defense and he's a menace on the boards...and those are (arguably) the two most important skills in basketball. I submit to you that offense, while critical, is secondary to defense and rebounding because, at any given point in the game, 90%