Are workout supplements bad for women?

Supplements are not bad for anyone. They are just there to fill the gap between nutritional needs and diet. It is always advisable to choose the supplement as per needs. Always read the nutritional label, ingredients added, certifications before choosing any supplement. It wont harm anyone if taken as per needs and as per recommended dosage. In case any medical or physiological conditions, it is always better to consult a physician before consuming any supplement.

Why did Don Draper cheat on Betty?

If you want a short answer - At a personal level, Don Draper is a deeply flawed human being.The symbolism in the show's opening credits is quite telling. It starts off with Draper walking into his office, staring for a second at all his professional accomplishments. This is

Why do I always end up in a bad relationship?

There could be anumber of reasons. But you don't have to worry. It is easy to fool you with superficial acts. You probably end up with people who aren't exactly what they show you at first and you, no offence, are a

Does performing crossfit course help reduce overall body fat?

Doing exercise of any kind builds muscle. And aerobic exercise helps to build stamina, reduce stress, increase health indicators such as triglycerides. Your heart will be stronger, and your bone density will benefit. It can also help to reduce your appetite. Fat loss and weight loss has to also be accompanied by calorie deficit. You