Are you afraid to put your child in public school?

I'm not afraid of it. I'm a Christian from a Christian family who put me through a private Christian school, and there seems to be this notion that Christian teens in public high schools will become brainwashed into liberals. That's a bunch of hogwash. Plenty of Christian teens go through public school just fine.

The Public School system is littered with bad students, teachers who don't care, and liberals, but it's free. The private schools sometimes have better education, usually fewer violence or drug problems, but cost a lot of money. My dad shelled out a good amount of money to put me and my little brother through the school for a good thirteen years. He tried to tell me it's worth it because of said notion about public schools, but the actual reason is because my mother originally wished for us to attend that school. I and my family disagreed significantly with several points of belief because the school is run by Baptists and we are non-denominationals.

Let's make some things clear about public school vs private school vs homeschool.

  • Your teen can turn out bad from a private school education
  • Your teen can turn out stellar from a public school education
  • Home school is not a good opportunity to make new friends
  • Your teen can learn bad information from a private school (WHOOOOA!)
  • It's possible for your teen to not be a sheeple to the public school's liberal agenda (WHOOOOOA!)
  • Homeschooling is nearly impossible when both parents are working.

Some day, when I have children, chances are I will put them through public school because private school is too expensive and homeschooling will not be feasible. I intend to have a family that's money smart. If I had the money to send them to private school, I wouldn't send them. I'd rather take the money and stow it away for their college days.

Furthermore, I wish my children to be exposed to all sorts of different people. People who love them and people who hate them. Public school is the best environment for that to happen, so naturally this is a good option. (Plenty of normal kids are in private schools from my experience too. Some are just as bad.) I had this exposure even in private school and my future family can benefit from it too.

As the parent, you are responsible for talking to your teen about what he's learning in school. If your relationship is good with the teen, then this will happen naturally. If you get them talking, and you find that a teacher or class is teaching values or material that are contrary to those of your Christianity, religion, etc, then you have the opportunity to teach what's actually correct. Sooner or later it will go without saying that your son or daughter shouldn't trust everything they hear in school and should learn what's fact vs what's fiction.

Yes I believe I'm afraid to put my daughter in public school, there is so many different things I don't want her to get involve in. My daughter is only 2 years old, but this question comes to my mind quite often because the dangers in public schools has become a big issue. Public schools have changed so much since I've been in school. It seems to me that children now days don't have the same guidance from their parents as when I was a child. When I was younger my father gave me a "whoopin" and I knew to correct my actions, but including myself I know parents disagree with this kind of punishment. I believe that parents need to be more involved in their children's lives especially teenagers. These kids don't know how to deal with this world if us parents don't guide and correct them.

All three of my children attended public school - what would there be to be afraid of??? My one son married a French lady so their children are attending French Catholic school. The kids are bilingual and that is an advantage these days. All of the schools have good teachers and good programs so why would you worry about it?

Updating my answer with this link from our local newspaper so you can see the kind of things that go on in our schools:

In my first year after I received my teaching license, I was a long term substitute at the school where my son would go to kindergarten the following year. My classroom was off the stairwell. It was after dismissal and I could hear the principal and a teacher making fun of a student that had lice. I decided my son would not attend there.


  1. Bullying is rampant in America. In China it is a fraction of it is in America.
  2. The teachers are paid so little so we don't get the highest quality teachers.

until we can get rid of bullying and pay teachers better no way I would want to send my child to a public school.

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