Are you excited to go to work every day? What is your job?

I really enjoy my job and believe in what we are doing.

That being said, I wouldn't say I wake up literally excited every morning.

People are excited when something truly amazing is about to happen, not when they are doing the same thing over and over again (going to the same office).

That being said, I wake up feeling motivated, ready to face the challenges in the day ahead and focused on the objectives we have to achieve as a team. As I walk to the office, thoughts will start floating around in my head, identifying the highest priority tasks I need to do the second I get in the office.

My father always told me when I was younger that the last thing you ever want in life is to go to bed on Sunday night, dreading the thought of going to work the next morning.

I have the complete opposite of that feeling but like I said above, I still wouldn't use the word excited.

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