Are you happy with your life?


I am a girl who is preparing for the competitive exam for the past 3 years & this is gonna be my last chance for the same means i won't be eligible after this attempt.

Can you imagine you won't have any option soon and your life is gonna be a mess.


There is always options if you feel so. if one door is closed find the The Door for you.

It is important to have a beautiful and satisfied life rather than successful only. We often ignore beatiful things around us in order to get the best and let me tell you we never know what is best for us.

I am not telling that success isn't important but it should be balanced. getting something at the cost of loosing something /someone is not a good deal.

May be I won't crack my exam but I have satisfaction that i tried my level best and how can i forget my so loving family who is always there for me. everyone supports my each decision in my family. i am reallly blessed to have such a beautiful family and of course my one who is always there with my each step to boost me up.

Never complain which you don't have instead cherish what you owned. see the people around you who are your support system.

So all i want to say that it's your call how you look at your life and opportunities.

So start feeling good about you & your life, love the one who cares for you.... love your family..... spread happiness.

Thank you for reading.

Keep rocking & stay bleesed.

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Keep upvoting it really means a lot for the one who trying to write something.

Well its a nice question. Since I live by the principle that, "Never tell your problems to someone who you don't think will help you solve it.", so I will refrain from a long post.

While in school, my favourite teacher once told me that Neeraj, confidence is a good thing; over confidence not so much. To which I replied," Sir I would rather be overconfident than not."
His were words of wisdom and mine, childish arrogance. I realize this in retrospect.

So once upon a time, life was good and easy and I was born with a silver spoon. If I had stayed on the right path, I would be living the perfect life(if there is such a thing), but I had to screw it all up. I had my sanity last in 2004, ever since I have made all the wrong decisions. And the best part is no one has a clue, not even my parents, or my sister, not even my friends in all entirety. Each knows a fraction of it. Once I have fixed everything, I might tell them.

Back then I used to think, how much worse life can get? And the over confidence, no matter how much I fuck up my life, I can always fix it.

Well to fuck things up is easy, to fix it, not so much.

The answer to the first half ..... How is my life going? Could have been a million times better.

Am I happy? Definitely yes. Because everything wrong with my life is my own doing and I take full responsibility. And moreover grief/ unhappiness leads to no where. Like they say, a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world; someone to love(well she got married, so I am in love with the next best thing, that would be me), something to do(I have a lot of fixing to do), and something to hope for(I have a lot to hope for).

See life is full of happiness and sadness. As born in middle class Indian family I have seen sadness and happiness both. But I have learn one thing from my life if u want to be happy rest of your life ,then never be more happy nor more sad,respond to every situation equally. It is rule of life if u r facing difficult times ,you will definitely be blessed by good times too.

See i am doing from normal government college. I wanted to take admission in IIT. But unfortunately I was unable to complete my biggest dream but it doesn't mean i am sad with my life. I took this positively ,I took admission in normal college and determined myself from doing more hard work so that I could get admission In IIT after three years easily.

When you get depress try to find out happiness in small things which will make you feel motivated.

I don't believe that happiness is resided in big things. You can be happy all the time ,what u need to do is to do your work sincerely, don't hesitate in taking your responsibilities and completing it,make other people happy, make kids happy and play with him. Try to bring smile on everyone's face.

As I have seen lots of bad days but as I believe in finding happiness in small things I am happy from my life. As I believe in hard work ,so I know in future ,my life would be more better and happy too.

For getting a happy life, never quit your hard work ,patience,faith, never get demotivated,respect your parents.

Thanks :)

Happy or sad with life it's all in the mind. Life is never a bed of roses and every individual born on this planet has had his/her share of highs and lows. It all depends on how you take life as Dawn Gluskin has said-

"Don't take life too seriously, Nobody gets out alive anyway."

Here I would like to share my personal experience being a member of Kashi Utkarsh, An IIT BHU students run organization we try to reach to children belonging to an underprivileged section of society. Spending time with such children will make you actually feel grateful for the life you have. Even though they don't have much opportunity for development still the smile on their face will make you forget all the worries and will force you to be happy with your life

Yes and at the same time no....

Let me make it clear at the starting itself that I am not good at writing stuff.. so most of you might get bored.

So let me start from my childhood itself. I am born in a middle class family.. I consider myself lucky being born with such a healthy mind and body, and always thank God for giving me such good parents who are always ready to do anything for us . But here I am good for nothing.. never accomplished anything capable of nothing (apart from complaining about my life). I had no talents since childhood.. My own brother is gifted with good voice but didn't continue his journey in music(he lost interest).. All of my cousins were good at many stuff at same time like my brothers who are national level sport players and at the same time brilliant at studies and another set of cousins who are good at studies ,really good singers... And here I am who achieved nothing... really nothing...

So lets fast forward...

I choose PCM and gave JEE twice failed both the times (including all other local entrances too) am going to join a local college under management quota...

I have always been a looser and dumb I always curse my existence In this world.. I know I am waste of space but I can't help it... everytime I consider dying I just don't feel like after thinking about those millions of people who are craving to live... those handicapped people who don't loose hope and still try giving their best.. those people whose parents don't support them but still are able to live... those people who have gone through the worst but still choose to live..

As a 17 year old I am not happy with my life... but my best friend(probably the best person apart from my family in this world )says that there something in everyone and there's something really huge waiting for me in future for me...

Though I am not happy with what I have made my self and all my educational life and talents... I still feel happy for having the best parents one like me can ever deserve...

I still live in a hope that one day I might not regret my existence.. and everything is going to be alright...

Am I happy? No I'm not. I want to become the centre of attention when I'm standing in a crowd but I can't.I want to score better than anyone in the examinations but I can't.I want to have a girlfriend who loves me more than her life but I don't have one.I need my parents to understand me and stop scolding me every now and then.When I'm with my friends and they are having fun,I feel alone.I get sad.I am sad that some of my friends are more handsome than me.I feel jealous when I see lovers engaged in a conversation.I can't find happiness in what others consider as fun.Sometimes I feel like a joker whom the world laughs at.Those times are severly painful.

When I'm in such situations,I tell to myself, "Hey idiot.Don't you have the slightest idea what happiness is?"

Life has taught me that happiness isn't absolute but it is relative. What makes me happy differs from what makes a boy in Western Sahara happy. Can a bottle of pure drinking water make me happy? No.But for him,it might be the happiest thing.

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