Are you more fit now that you work out less?

Thanks for the A2A Robert.

It depends on how you class fit, I am the strongest that I have ever been, but this time last year I was doing 18 hours of high intensity and 4 hours of medium intensity cardio, per week.

My endurance has probably dropped, but I still workout 5 or 6 times a week, just my goals have changed.

Up until my mid 30s, I was naturally lean (11% body fat) without doing much in the way of exercise and drinking a lot (I am ex-RAF), my resting heart rate was around 50 bpm despite the lack of exercise.

The last time I checked my resting rate it was 60 bpm, that was last year when I was hooked up to monitors, just before being wheeled into the operating theatre for knee surgery.

How can a beginner lose weight in a gym?

For a beginner like yourself doing something is better than doing nothing. Every gym should have a machine circuit set up where you can go from one machine to the next and do a full body workout within a half hour. The machines should have pictures on them

What are fitness mistakes you always see people make?

The biggest mistake is the more is better philosophy. Train to get stronger and run to get faster. Don't just set the timer and train X hours. Pointless. If you want to improve the way the body looks then improve the way the body performs. People don't get how running one 800

How to cancel a Snap Fitness membership

The only sure way to find out is to give your gym a call, or stop in to speak to a customer service representative. As far as I understand, you will have to go into the gym to cancel your membership in-person anyway.Is there any specific reason you're looking to cancel? If