Are you "safe" in your job, and could advance for better pay, but if you do, there is a great possibility of being fired, so you stay where you are?

Unless you work for the government, there is always the possibility of losing your job. Companies are bought and sold every day. Companies are run out of business by competitors. Companies are forced to reduce staff because of costly government regulations. You think you are safe because you work for a stable, well-run, profitable organization. Then your company buys one of its competitors, and finds someone on the acquired staff that does your job better than you and is getting paid less than you. Bye Bye.

Why does my husband say he loves me, but he doesn't show me affection?

When physical affection is no longer present in your relationship it signals a loss of intimacy. Affection can simply be about reassurance and fostering a sense of belonging. Drives, desires and schedules change over time and it does not mean that your connection is lost forever. However, resentment

Will squats reduce the size of thighs and butt?

First of all, squats are one of the two best exercises you can do. So bravo! for asking about squats. Make sure you study the movement before you do it, so that you can do them correctly. Just like doing anything, you can do

What is the most important job in the whole world and why?

Farmers and (to a lesser extent) fisher-men.A lot of the other jobs mentioned, like doctors, are very important in particular circumstances; for instance, if you need a life-saving operation, then surgeons are essential. However, in general, health has a lot less to do with doctors than with good lifestyle choices, like