Are you satisfied with the work you do? What motivates you every day in your work?

Yes. In construction the motivation for me is seing the final outcome . We are now just coming to the end of an 8 week contract . Have been baked in the heat , blown to pieces in gales , soaked through to the skin, been standing in mud ankle deep , worked sometimes over 70 hrs a week but seeing reality representing that on paper and have overcome those problems to me is what it is all about . To look at it and say we did that despite the conditions and it looks good to me is what most of my life has been about . To drive past some of my projects now approaching 40 years old , I can say I built that , the blood sweat and tears was worth the effort and their it is before me to prove it .

How much will it cost me to make a home gym with good quality equipments?

Well that depends on your budget. You can go for a fantastic state of the art Gym at your house like actors (Hrithik or Aamir Khan) or an simple, cost effective and importantly efficient one like (Oliver Queen character from the Arrow TV show). Coming back, you need to know what

What are some of the scam in fitness industry or personal training?

So nice question you did my friend. The scam in fitness industry is telling people that you can achieve your fitness goal naturall and sell them steroids personally.I mean everybody's body is different and anyone can achieve goals naturally but I have seen lots of

What should I do to get skinny as a teenager and become healthier and more fit?

You don't need to get skinny, you need to be fit and healthy, that's what you got to be concerned as a teenager.You need to eat healthy whole foods - no junk foods, no processed foods, no sugar and grains, eat fresh and cooked vegetables